Today’s train experience: Travelled from Lörrach to Freiburg via Basel Bad Bf. The cost is €11 (before tax) and apparently this is discounted as we bought tickets for 3 persons. This means that the more people you buy, the cheaper it gets. But I suspect the max/limit is 5 persons to get further discounts. 

What I really love about Bahn train is that it is punctual! You can count on the time of departure hence it makes it easier to plan your journey and activities. But what I don’t quite like is the seating system. Not only we paid such a huge amount, the seats are not designated hence we will need to search for one, and to make things worse – some of the seats are reserved for those who paid extra. Don’t worry if you are not sure if you are seated on a reserved seat. It is usually indicated on the little LED screen on top of the seat. It indicates the routes in between stations someone has bought.
All in all, I’m happy with my experience so far. As I enjoy learning and understanding different countries’ train systems – I think I’m quite well-verse with Germany Bahn’s now 🙂
Happy traveling.


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