The Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge – named after the nearby St. Peter’s chapel. Built in 1333 the bridge is one of the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, and is known for the original triangle paintings that are mounted below the roof of the bridge. The paintings present life and death of Lucerne’s patron saint St. Leger and St. Maurice. The bridge spans the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out in 1993 where 2/3 of the paintings were destroyed. I’m amazed how the wood/bridge is still standing strong when they are already charcoal-burnt. That again, only a small part.

The structure in the middle of the bridge is the ‘Water tower‘ as it sits on the water. The water tower is approx 30 years older than the bridge and was used as a prison. However, it is not accessible to public.


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