Today’s theme is fairytale and fantasy. Before I share my photos with you, let me write you my ‘Princess Diary‘ too. 

Despite a long 3 hours drive, it was worth to travel all the way to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, located above Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany.

What I found most amazing and satisfying is the short 30 minutes guided tour inside the castle. Photographs inside the castle is not allowed hence I’m not able to share them.

The Neuschwanstein Castle was built 130 years ago by King Ludwig II of Bavaria for his personal retreat. However after staying there himself for approx 170 days, King Ludwig died at age 40 over a mysterious circumstance. The castle was never completed since then. From the original plan of having more than 100 rooms for his guests, the incomplete castle only had 14 rooms before the construction stopped. During the tour, we visit King Ludwig’s bedroom, living room, the throne room (throne was not sighted as it was not completed before his death) and finally the Singer’s Hall.

My mind was totally blown away by the details of the paintings on the wall, the sculptures and the original olden furniture and structures. FYI, the Singer’s Hall has 600 candles all over and the floor of the throne room was made of 2 million mosaic pieces depicting various animals. There was also a small cave inside the castle, overlooking the winter garden. You can easily sight swan motives, paintings and sculptures in most of the rooms especially the salon, as King Ludwig loved swans hence naming the castle Neuschwanstein Castle i.e. the “New Swanstone”.
From the cafeteria, be prepared to be amazed by the gorgeous view of the Hohenschwangau village. 

We were surprised to learn that today is King Ludwig’s birthday. What a coincident and pleasant to know too.
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