Make way for Vienna “Must-Eat”: Schnitzels.

I had my first Vienna Schnitzel in this place call “Figlmüller“. They have 2 branches in central Vienna:

  1. Figlmüller Wollzeile
  2. Figlmüller Bäckerstrasse 

Apparently Vienna is famous for its veel Schnitzel but Figlmüller prides for its 110 years old pork Schnitzel recipe. But if you want to taste the veel Schnitzel, it’s only available in their Bäckerstrasse branch.

We ordered both the pork and veel Schnitzel. I personally like the pork better. And for this, Figlmüller’s signature is the SIZE of it! See photo below. I can’t help but to take a photo before attacking it.

The Schnitzel was great. The meat is really soft and tender with super crispy coating. For this, what I hear is that the meat will be beaten to perfection i.e. beating it with lots of pressure and strength. Then coat it with flour, egg and lastly (Schnitzel) breadcrumbs – before deep frying it.

The only thing I was disappointed with Figlmüller’s Schnitzels is that it doesn’t come with any accompaniments / salad etc. So we had to order mixed salad to go with our meats.

Nevertheless, when you visit Vienna the next time, do try Schnitzels at least once.


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