All eyes on Munich Rathaus-Glockenspiel

Unique(ly) Munich!
Munich (or in German München) is the 3rd largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg.

This again, is a Rathaus (townhall) but it’s also the most popular attraction. Clock tower (Rathaus-Glockenspiel) is well-known for the reenactment of 2 folk stories where you can hear bells chiming and see the rotation of jostling Knights and dancing coopers, every 11am (and 2pm & 5pm in Summer).

At these hours, you will see tourists getting all ready with their (video) cameras. You can also see some professional videographers with their full-fledge cam as seen as those in movie filming!

If you are keen to see the entire Rathaus from top view, climb up 299 stairs up the Alter Peter (only €3 per adult). You will have fantastic view of Munich and the Rathaus just like the above.  


A Romantic Garden

The Schönbrunn Palace and it’s gorgeous view of its French Garden, named the Great Parterre (since 1695). The garden was built together with a maze, a labyrinth and also has a tall hedge full of red roses 😍😍😍

Am feeling so lucky to see such beautiful colours in Summer. Best time to visit Vienna, Austria!

Image above is the amazing view from the Gloriette. You can also see part of the city of Vienna from here – how can one miss the iconic St. Stephen Cathedral and it’s prominent spire. 

My feelings for Vienna

Leaving Vienna today. To sum up my feelings for this lovely city, Vienna to me is: Exquisite & Aesthetic. The value of beauty in every detail is unquestionable. From architecture to music and arts, everything is done to perfection.
This is the Pallas Athene Statue, standing boldly in front of the Vienna Parliament. Built from 1874 to 1883 by architect Theophil Hansen in the Greek-Roman style. 

Vienna Must Eat: Schnitzel

Make way for Vienna “Must-Eat”: Schnitzels.

I had my first Vienna Schnitzel in this place call “Figlmüller“. They have 2 branches in central Vienna:

  1. Figlmüller Wollzeile
  2. Figlmüller Bäckerstrasse 

Apparently Vienna is famous for its veel Schnitzel but Figlmüller prides for its 110 years old pork Schnitzel recipe. But if you want to taste the veel Schnitzel, it’s only available in their Bäckerstrasse branch.

We ordered both the pork and veel Schnitzel. I personally like the pork better. And for this, Figlmüller’s signature is the SIZE of it! See photo below. I can’t help but to take a photo before attacking it.

The Schnitzel was great. The meat is really soft and tender with super crispy coating. For this, what I hear is that the meat will be beaten to perfection i.e. beating it with lots of pressure and strength. Then coat it with flour, egg and lastly (Schnitzel) breadcrumbs – before deep frying it.

The only thing I was disappointed with Figlmüller’s Schnitzels is that it doesn’t come with any accompaniments / salad etc. So we had to order mixed salad to go with our meats.

Nevertheless, when you visit Vienna the next time, do try Schnitzels at least once.

Land of Mozart

So when you visit the the birthplace of Mozart/Sound of Music and the land of Pretzels, of course this is what you get!

So adorable, such creativity.

Head towards Schwarzstraße (Schwarz Lane) and you will find the bakery – it’s a corner lot. 

(Schwarzstraße, 5020 Salzburg, Austria)


Neuschwanstein Castle – a German icon

Today’s theme is fairytale and fantasy. Before I share my photos with you, let me write you my ‘Princess Diary‘ too. 

Despite a long 3 hours drive, it was worth to travel all the way to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, located above Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany.

What I found most amazing and satisfying is the short 30 minutes guided tour inside the castle. Photographs inside the castle is not allowed hence I’m not able to share them.

The Neuschwanstein Castle was built 130 years ago by King Ludwig II of Bavaria for his personal retreat. However after staying there himself for approx 170 days, King Ludwig died at age 40 over a mysterious circumstance. The castle was never completed since then. From the original plan of having more than 100 rooms for his guests, the incomplete castle only had 14 rooms before the construction stopped. During the tour, we visit King Ludwig’s bedroom, living room, the throne room (throne was not sighted as it was not completed before his death) and finally the Singer’s Hall.

My mind was totally blown away by the details of the paintings on the wall, the sculptures and the original olden furniture and structures. FYI, the Singer’s Hall has 600 candles all over and the floor of the throne room was made of 2 million mosaic pieces depicting various animals. There was also a small cave inside the castle, overlooking the winter garden. You can easily sight swan motives, paintings and sculptures in most of the rooms especially the salon, as King Ludwig loved swans hence naming the castle Neuschwanstein Castle i.e. the “New Swanstone”.
From the cafeteria, be prepared to be amazed by the gorgeous view of the Hohenschwangau village. 

We were surprised to learn that today is King Ludwig’s birthday. What a coincident and pleasant to know too.
For more details, read

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne at central Switzerland is the 4th largest in the country. The view is amazing, the air was fresh and check out those mountains far far away. On the way driving into Lucerne, we were so lucky to spot the Swiss Alps from afar. Despite summer, there were still mountain (snow) caps sighted.

Lucerne is an amazing city. From history to arts, nature and shopping. This include the boat pedaling and cruising activities you can sign up for to tour the magnificent Lake Lucerne. 

I’m in love with this city. (After Freiburg!)

Kapellbrücke – The Chapel Bridge, Lucerne Switzerland 

The Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge – named after the nearby St. Peter’s chapel. Built in 1333 the bridge is one of the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, and is known for the original triangle paintings that are mounted below the roof of the bridge. The paintings present life and death of Lucerne’s patron saint St. Leger and St. Maurice. The bridge spans the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out in 1993 where 2/3 of the paintings were destroyed. I’m amazed how the wood/bridge is still standing strong when they are already charcoal-burnt. That again, only a small part.

The structure in the middle of the bridge is the ‘Water tower‘ as it sits on the water. The water tower is approx 30 years older than the bridge and was used as a prison. However, it is not accessible to public.

Weiswurst – Germany ‘Must-Eat’

Checked another ‘Must-Eat’ from Deutschland. Today’s breakfast: the classic Weiswurst with pretzels and sweet sauce. What’s missing – the beer! Haha
Check out the photo above. The Weiswurst is a well-known Bavarian white sausage. Instead of baking/frying/grilling it – you just need to heat it in a hot boiled water. Remember – boiled water, not boiling water. 

Serve it hot while having it still dipped inside the hot water. Before eating the sausage, first remove the skin slowly so that you don’t end up wasting some of the meat stuck on the skin. 

The pretzel and sausage will go well with a classic German sweet mustard (which has some stint of vinegar).

Another ‘eat‘ trip in Germany – checked!

Deutsche Bahn

Today’s train experience: Travelled from Lörrach to Freiburg via Basel Bad Bf. The cost is €11 (before tax) and apparently this is discounted as we bought tickets for 3 persons. This means that the more people you buy, the cheaper it gets. But I suspect the max/limit is 5 persons to get further discounts. 

What I really love about Bahn train is that it is punctual! You can count on the time of departure hence it makes it easier to plan your journey and activities. But what I don’t quite like is the seating system. Not only we paid such a huge amount, the seats are not designated hence we will need to search for one, and to make things worse – some of the seats are reserved for those who paid extra. Don’t worry if you are not sure if you are seated on a reserved seat. It is usually indicated on the little LED screen on top of the seat. It indicates the routes in between stations someone has bought.
All in all, I’m happy with my experience so far. As I enjoy learning and understanding different countries’ train systems – I think I’m quite well-verse with Germany Bahn’s now 🙂
Happy traveling.